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Muse Concepts, based in Cape Town offers wedding and event hiring services for any size. We pride ourselves on our level of service, wide selection of event decorations for hire and the quality of our table decorations, giant balloons and lawn game sets. We stock a wide selection of table decorations, photo booth props, signage and table easels, so browse our Event Props Collection to find the perfect item for your wedding or event!

Below are just some of the items we have available, we can also source any décor items you have seen elsewhere.


For your convenience we provide a delivery, setup and break down service of all decor related items so you or your event planner do not have to worry about it


Muse Decor Hire Decor & Furniture Catalogue

Muse Decor Hire Catering Catalogue



Animal Sculls - <p>Real Scull (not artificial)<br>
Different animals available</p>

<small>T&C apply. Delivery not included  </small>

Animal Sculls

Real Scull (not artificial)
Different animals available

T&C apply. Delivery not included  
Centrepiece Stands - <p>Table centrepiece stands<br>
1.5m x 1m high</p>

<small>T&C apply. Delivery not included  </small>

Centrepiece Stands

Table centrepiece stands
1.5m x 1m high

T&C apply. Delivery not included  
Coat Hanger - <p>Coat Hanger<br>


Coat Hanger

Coat Hanger

Coat Rails - <p>Portable Clothing Rail<br>
1.5m x 1.6m<br>
<small>T&C apply. Delivery not included</small>

Coat Rails

Portable Clothing Rail
1.5m x 1.6m

T&C apply. Delivery not included
Cylinder Vase - <p>Glass Cylinder Vase<br>
50cm x 15xm<br>
40cm x 15cm<br>
30cm x 15cm<br>
15cm x 15cm</p>

<small>T&C apply. Delivery not included</small>

Cylinder Vase

Glass Cylinder Vase
50cm x 15xm
40cm x 15cm
30cm x 15cm
15cm x 15cm

T&C apply. Delivery not included
Easle - <p>Vintage Cast Iron<br>
Colours: Black, Gold, White</p>


Vintage Cast Iron
Colours: Black, Gold, White

French Mirror - <p>Small Mirror<br>
750mm x 500mm<br>
Colours: Gold, Silver<br>

French Mirror

Small Mirror
750mm x 500mm
Colours: Gold, Silver

Giant Wedding Balloons - <p>Giant Wedding Balloons<br>
Colours: Clear, White<br>
Size: 36 inch, 1m wide<br>
<small>T&C apply. Helium not included</small>

Giant Wedding Balloons

Giant Wedding Balloons
Colours: Clear, White
Size: 36 inch, 1m wide

T&C apply. Helium not included
Jumbo Sparkles - <p>
Colour: White</p>

Jumbo Sparkles

Colour: White

Lawn Games - <p>Variety of Lawn Games<br>
Bocce Balls>br>
Giant Jenga<br>

Lawn Games

Variety of Lawn Games
Bocce Balls>br> Giant Jenga

Mannequin - <p>Standing Mannequin<br>
Nude Cotton / Sand Colour<br>
Oak Wooden Legs<br>
1.8m high<br>


Standing Mannequin
Nude Cotton / Sand Colour
Oak Wooden Legs
1.8m high

Perspex Signage - <p>Perspex Signage<br>
With or Without Stand<br>
1.3m x 1.2m<br>
<small>Additional Wood Block, White Stand </small>

Perspex Signage

Perspex Signage
With or Without Stand
1.3m x 1.2m

Additional Wood Block, White Stand
Photo Booth Props - <p>
Made To Order<br />

Photo Booth Props

Made To Order

Real Looking Orchids - <p>Real looking orchids<br>
Silk flower<br>
90 cm Full Stem<br>
Quantity: 30

Real Looking Orchids

Real looking orchids
Silk flower
90 cm Full Stem
Quantity: 30

Sheperds Hook - <p>
Length: 1.5m<br />
Quantity: 10

Sheperds Hook

Length: 1.5m
Quantity: 10

Suspended Cake Swing - <p>Fabric, Perspex<br>
Flowers excluded<br>
Quantity: 1<br></p>
<small>Excludes delivery and setup</small>

Suspended Cake Swing

Fabric, Perspex
Flowers excluded
Quantity: 1

Excludes delivery and setup
Table Card Holder - <p>Fleur de Lis Table Card Holder<br>
Colours: Gold, Silver<br>
Medium: 40cm</p>

Table Card Holder

Fleur de Lis Table Card Holder
Colours: Gold, Silver
Medium: 40cm

Table Easle - <p>Vintage Table Easel<br>
Colours: Gold, Silver<br>
Medium: 20cm</p>

Table Easle

Vintage Table Easel
Colours: Gold, Silver
Medium: 20cm

Table Numbers Frame - <p>Table Number Seating Frame<br>
Gold Frame<br>

Table Numbers Frame

Table Number Seating Frame
Gold Frame

Table Numbers Frame - <p>Table Number Seating Frame<br>
Silver Frame<br>

Table Numbers Frame

Table Number Seating Frame
Silver Frame

Table Seating Numbers - <p>Perspex Blocks<br>
1 - 20</p>

Table Seating Numbers

Perspex Blocks
1 - 20

Victorian Antique Mirror - <p>Large Mirror<br>
1.4m x 700mm<br>
Colours: Gold, White<br>
Printing Area: 800 x 500</p>

Victorian Antique Mirror

Large Mirror
1.4m x 700mm
Colours: Gold, White
Printing Area: 800 x 500



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