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Muse Concepts, based in Cape Town offers wedding and event hiring services for any size. We pride ourselves on our level of service, wide selection of linen for hire, and the quality of our table runners, chair covers, draping and table cloths. We stock a wide selection from plain white to modern sequin and luminous ranges, so browse our Linen Collection to find the perfect item for your wedding or event!

Below are just some of the items we have available, we can also source any décor items you have seen elsewhere.


For your convenience we provide a delivery, setup and break down service of all decor related items so you or your event planner do not have to worry about it


Muse Decor Hire Decor & Furniture Catalogue

Muse Decor Hire Catering Catalogue



Chair Caps - <p>Quantity: 250<br />
Size: <a href='/images/photos/chair-cap-size.jpg' class='gallery'>View Dimensions</a></p>

Chair Caps

Quantity: 250
Size: View Dimensions

Chair Covers in White - <p>Quantity: 250<br>
Size: <a href='/images/photos/chair-cap-size.jpg' class='gallery'>View Dimensions</a><br>
Colours: <a href='/images/photos/chair-cover-colour.jpg' class='gallery'>View All Colours</a></p>
<small>Only for Tiffany Chairs</small>

Chair Covers in White

Quantity: 250
Size: View Dimensions
Colours: View All Colours

Only for Tiffany Chairs
Draping - <p>Basic White<br>
12 Swags<br>
Wall to Wall<br>
Fairylights included</p>


Basic White
12 Swags
Wall to Wall
Fairylights included

Isle Runner - <p>Price: R275<br />
Colour: White, Black, Red<br />
Size: 10m x 1m</p>

Isle Runner

Price: R275
Colour: White, Black, Red
Size: 10m x 1m

Kneel Wedding Pillow - <p>Gold & Silver Kneel Pillow<br>

Quantity: 2<br>
Dimensions: 30 x 50 cm<br>

Kneel Wedding Pillow

Gold & Silver Kneel Pillow
Quantity: 2
Dimensions: 30 x 50 cm

Kneel Wedding Pillow - <p>Gold Panel Kneel Pillow<br>

Quantity: 2<br>
Dimensions: 30 x 50 cm<br>
Code: FAB05</p>

Kneel Wedding Pillow

Gold Panel Kneel Pillow
Quantity: 2
Dimensions: 30 x 50 cm
Code: FAB05

Luminous Chair Covers - <p>Quantity: 300<br>
Size: <a href='/images/photos/chair-cap-size.jpg' class='gallery'>View Dimensions</a><br></p>

Luminous Chair Covers

Quantity: 300
Size: View Dimensions

Luminous Table Runners - <b>Only at Muse Concepts</b>
<p>Quantity: 250<br>
Size: 160cm (L) x 20cm (W)</p>

Luminous Table Runners

Only at Muse Concepts

Quantity: 250
Size: 160cm (L) x 20cm (W)

Scatter Pillow - <p>Scatter Pillows<br>

Quantity: 50<br>
Colour: Gold, White</p>

Scatter Pillow

Scatter Pillows
Quantity: 50
Colour: Gold, White

Sequin Runners - <p>Champagne gold<br>
Rose gold<br>
Size: 2.5m x 50cm<br>
<a href='/images/photos/runner-7.jpg' class='gallery'>Detail Photo</a><br></p>

Sequin Runners

Champagne gold
Rose gold
Size: 2.5m x 50cm
Detail Photo

Sequin Tablecloth - <b>Only at Muse Concepts</b>
<p>Quantity: 30<br>
Size: 2m x 3m<br>
Colours: Champagne Gold<br>
<a href='/images/photos/runner-7.jpg' class='gallery'>Colour Detail Photo</a><br>
<a href='/images/photos/cloth-sequin-detail.jpg' class='gallery'>Up-close Photo</a></p>

Sequin Tablecloth

Only at Muse Concepts

Quantity: 30
Size: 2m x 3m
Colours: Champagne Gold
Colour Detail Photo
Up-close Photo

Single Draping - <p>Basic White<br>
1m x 1.5m<br>
Quantity: 100</p>

Single Draping

Basic White
1m x 1.5m
Quantity: 100

Tablecloth - <b>Plain Tablecloth</b>
<p>Quantity: 40<br>
Colours: Black, White<br>


Plain Tablecloth

Quantity: 40
Colours: Black, White



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